Multiple triggers for one button

 I have one button that I want to change color each time it is clicked (as well as bring up a new layer of text).  I've triggered the button to change color the first time it is clicked and stay in the second color edited state. The problem is, I don't know how to get the second color edited stated button to turn into the third color and so on. Does this make any sense? I've seen many tutorials for triggers when there are multiple buttons, but what do you do when you want one button to do multiple actions? 

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Michael Hinze

This can be done by adding custom states to your button and then edit the colors for the states. Then add triggers that increase a variable every time the button is clicked. The add trigger that, based on the variable's value, change the button's states AND show the appropriate layer. Here is a quick example with one button and five colored states. Hope that helps.