Multiple triggers held until submit is clicked


Does anyone know how to prepare variables to be triggered only when the submit button is clicked?

I'm working on a file that has multiple variables. It's basically a quiz that gives you up to two mistakes. If you get a third mistake, a prompt shows up and asks you to retry the whole quiz. I have a gauge that changes states every time the score changes and this is also carried all throughout the quiz.

There are three variables: score, questionOne, and questionTwo.
Score holds the overall score of the quiz. It's set to a default of 3. Once it's 0, the fail layer shows up and asks you to retry.
QuestionOne and questionTwo are true/false variables with a false default. If you answer each question correctly, each is set to True.

Every wrong answer triggers the following to happen:
- Score - 1
- Shape (the answer you click on) state is changed to wrong
- Button (invisible button on top of Shape) state is changed to disabled (locks the answer already clicked)
- Incorrect layer is shown
- Failed layer is shown if Score = 0

Every correct answer triggers the following to happen:
- questionOne/questionTwo = true
- Correct layer is shown

I created a generic version of the quiz for privacy. I have set this all up already and it works. However, I want to change the functionality. I want to have the users choose an answer and then click submit.
Is there a way to have all of these triggers happen only when an answer is chosen and submit is clicked?

I have attached the Storyline file for anyone to play around with. Help would be appreciated!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Chelsea!

You could build these as Quiz slides, and set them to 2 attempts, and just modify the feedback layers, correct, incorrect, and try again with your design. 

Attached is a sample. I did not add in triggers for state changes, but this may be the effect you are looking for.

Chelsea Delfin

Thank you, Emily!

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that this setup is the same for about 9 questions. So basically, the user has to go through 9 questions without getting more than 2 wrong answers in the entire quiz, not just each question.

Score starts at 3. User goes through first question, makes two wrong answers and chooses the right one (score is now 1)
User goes through second question and makes another wrong answer (score is 0 and the fail layer should now appear)

Setting up each slide to have 2 attempts might not work in that case because it will allow the user to still make two mistakes in the second question.

Would you have any ideas on how to hold the previously mentioned triggers in a quiz slide format without conflict? I realize I can just attach these triggers to the answers upon clicking but in a Pick One quiz slide, the user can click on one answer (turning on all triggers of that answer), change their mind and click on another answer (turning on all triggers of that answer as well) and then click submit. This is the part I can't figure out.

I've had success setting it up before just by having all the triggers set up on the answers themselves (just like my attached sample) but now I want users to use the submit button.

Thank you for your help!

Emily Ruby

Hello Chelsea!

Sorry for the delay. Attached is a file with some variable that should work for you with all the questions. i added a new variable for counting the attempts for wrong  questions, and once that variable hits 2 the incorrect layer will appear to direct them to restart, and reset the attempt variable to 0. I did have to leave the attempts as unlimited with the quiz slide in order for the questions reset when the retry layer is closed.

Hope this will help.