Multiple Unresolved Tech Issues

Feb 26, 2020

Hi Team!

So we are at a point where we are not sure what to do, so I thought I'd post a list of all current unresolved tech issues we are experiencing here.

  • SCORM session reports not reflecting exam scores correctly 
  • SCORM session reports not correctly reflecting number of attempts taken 
  • SCORMs not always triggering the ability to mark done for exam modules in the LMS 
  • Exam questions occasionally showing up blank for users 
  • Exam review of incorrect responses is inaccurate 

Over the past year we have reached out to Articulate and our LMS provider about these issues and so far have not had resolution nor explanation for why any of these are happening. To complicate this further, some of these issues have not been replicated by Articulate, the LMS provider, nor myself. Yet, we continue to experience these issues and receive reports and screen shots from users in the field regarding some of these regularly.

I'm posting this in hopes that someone smarter than myself can see a pattern or commonality that might be the issue here. I'm currently chatting with the LMS team as well. 

Thanks in advance! (fingers crossed)

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Philip, 

Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. I can understand your frustration, and I wanted to make sure that we address the points you brought up. I have opened a Support Case for you so our Senior Support Engineers can troubleshoot this further. Our team will be reaching out, so please be on the lookout for an email from them! 

Thank you again for letting us know! We never want you to feel alone in this, so we are more than happy to help! 

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