Multiple users at the same time on a single .story file


I noticed that when I'm opening a storyline document that a collegue is already working on, there is no pop-up to warn me that the file is being used by another user. So 2 users can open the same document at the same time without any warning.

Here is what we tested while we were both in the document. My collegue added a button on the first slide and she saved the file. After, I added a button on another slide and I saved the file. I couldn't see what she just added and the opposite for her. The second save also erased the first one, done when both documents were open.

Are you aware of this issue? Is there something we can do to prevent that?


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Adrian Dean

Hi Marie-Eve,

There currently isn't a versioning system built into Storyline. The only way to ensure that you don't have those issues is to make sure that you are the only one working on the file or saving the file under a different name such as adding an "a" or "1" to the end of the file name. Maybe even adding your initials.

Always Happy to Help,