Multiple Variable Layer Transition but Want Media to Complete before transition.

Hi Team!

I have an interaction where the user has to click on the correct object to get it correct. I have two triggers that change a variable to true once the interaction has been attempted whether they answer it correctly or not.

I also have it set to show the next layer after the attempt. However, the objects all have audio triggered when played. I am having trouble getting the 3rd layer audio to play before it jumps to the next slide based on their result. It plays the audio just fine from layer 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3 because I am still on the slide, but it moves away from layer 3 to the next slide so the audio doesn't play.

How might I get the audio to still play before it goes to the next slide so the user gets the auditory feedback before the transition?

Thanks in advance!

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Philip Deer

Hi Tom,

Thanks for jumping in here. I'm not sure how to do that given the trigger to move to the next layer occurs before the trigger to play the audio. The trigger that plays the audio is not able to be moved above the other trigger. I can share my file privately if that might help. Let me know where to upload it if you're able to take a look.

Thanks in advance!

Phil Mayor

Doesn’t sound that complicated, without seeing the slide we can only give advice. If it is important that they listen to audio on layer 3 then the jump trigger should be at the end of that layer or in media complete. May have been easier to use a free form question and the built in attempts.

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Philip Deer

Thanks for jumping on here to help, Phil. I appreciate it!

It's a piano interaction and they have to have the ability to click on any object (piano key) at any time. I am using variables for it to recognize when they click the correct or incorrect object and layers so the objects have to be clicked in the correct sequence (it's a sequence of three piano keys and each key is on a separate layer).

It's hard to explain well without showing you. I have attached a screenshot of the triggers in question. Let me know if you see something I am not that might fix the issue. It advances to the next slide just fine, but it advances before the sound of the last piano key they click is heard regardless of if they clicked the correct object (piano key) or not.

Thanks in advance!