Multiple variables and calculations

Hello Heroes!

I am really hoping someone can come to my rescue.  My brain is melting trying to figure this one out.  I have trawled through previous discussion but can't find anything that addresses my problem. 

So, I am trying to create a tool for managers so they know where staff are once we transition to an new absence policy.  The full time part is easy and works fine but the I cant get the part time version to work.  The manager should enter the employee hours, which then has triggers to divide by 36 and multiply by x depending on what radio button they select e.g. up to 3 months x 14.4 etc.  In addition I have set a bunch of other triggers.  When I preview/publish my result shows NaN.  I cant work out what I have done wrong?  Please help!

Thank you in desperate anticipation, 


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When duplicating a slide with an input field, StoryLine creates a new version of the input field's variable with a unique name.  On your slide, the input field points to a variable named "NumericEntry1" but your other triggers are all pointing to "NumericEntry" which doesn't exist on this slide.

You can fix this by either (but not both) of the following:

  1. Changing your 1st Button 1 trigger to:
    Set Result to variable NumericEntry1 When the user clicks Button 1  OR
  2. Changing the variable associated with your text input field by updating the trigger on Numeric Entry 1 to:
    Set NumericEntry equal to the typed value when Numeric Entry 1 loses focus.