Multiple variables on a slide

Hi there,

I've a file which has two forms of actions created by using variables, conditions and triggers:

1. Storing a users name in a Text Variable

2. Progress bar which value increases as each module is complete - this progress bar is based on the article:

The issue I have is on the 'Course Overview' slide (1.2), where two actions are occurring.

The text-based variable is set up to show a hidden state when the user returns to the 'Course Overview' slide after clicking the finish button on slide 2.3 (module 1) and at the same time another action is triggered for the progress bar.

Is it as simple as having one variable actioned per slide?


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Michael Hinze

I assume, you wonder why the text '%name% please continue by selecting the next module:' on slide 1.2 doesn't show up when you return to the menu from slide 2.3. That is because you used the built-in Hidden state, which as the name implies, will hide the textbox rather than showing new text. Create a custom state for the text box and adjust the slide trigger to show that state instead.