Multiple variables resulting into slow interaction. Need Help

I created a crossword interactivity and ended up with 60 plus variables. The clickable hints in the interactivity now take ages to load. I need to include this interactivity in one of the courses and need a solution. Uploading the Story file as well. If anyone has a better logic to create the same with minimum variables, please suggest. Seeking help!!!

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Namrata Rasane

Thank you so much for checking it for me. However it takes few seconds at our end, as well as client's. Actually this is not the single interaction, it is a part of an entire game. Hence it might be taking time to load. Can you please help us assuming it's taking time to load after publish.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Namrata!

Thanks for reaching out. (And thank you for your guidance, Phil!)

Adding to the testing collection: I published the file to Review 360, where I can recreate the slow playback in Chrome 88. Here's the shareable link.

From here, I've opened a support case for you with all the details from this discussion. An email with the next step should reach your inbox soon.

We'll see you there!