Multiple Variables to Control and Items State

I have 11 variables that I want to use to control the state of an object.  The star in the lower left (off screen) needs to change to VISITED after all 11 variables change to TRUE.  That will be used to control when the NEXT slide button becomes active.  I could add the 11 T/F variables to the NEXT button control but I have multiple users who may (or may not) want to force students to click on each marker.  Rather than trying to manage 11 variables, if I can use the STAR's state to control the NEXT button I only need to turn on or off that one feature.  I've tried TIMELINE STARTS/STOP but it does not change state unless the all the variables change before the timeline start/stop point.  I'm not sure how long it will take the students to complete each marker.  Thoughts greatly appreciated.

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