Multiple Zoom regions using triggers?

Sep 29, 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm creating a module where I want my learners to practice using and filling in a custom form. Because of the size of the form, the approach I'd like to take is to Zoom in to a region they have to work on and let them do that. Then, when they are done in that region, I want them to Zoom out, then Zoom in to a different region to work on.

I know how to Zoom regions using the timeline, but I don't know how to Zoom regions with triggers.

Any advice?



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Phil Mayor

You cannot trigger a zoom region.  You can use smoke and mirrors to fake this using different slides.  I did this on the distress thermometer course I built

and the coffee demo

I dont have access to these files at the moment but have posted both on here before (can probably be found using Google to search the forums.

Richard Blunt

Thanks Phil,

I think I see how you do it, especially with the coffee demo:

  1. Start with a screen with the four choices.
  2. We the learner selects one of the coffee mugs, it advances to a new slide that replicates the original slide but immediately zooms into the selected coffee.
  3. When learner is done, they click the small return button that actually brings them to a third slide that shows all four coffees, but with one having been "completed" already.
  4. Rinse & Repeat.

Is that about right?

Thank you so much for your help!


Phil Mayor

There are 5 screens, 1 each for each cup, plus the menu screen that changes states when you return to the main slide.

You need to plan it well as you get the zoom regions lined up by duplicating the slides, build the main slide first and get that complete before ming on or as in my example you have 5 slides to make changes on not just one.

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