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Larry Butchins

Thanks! I'll get into it.

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Joshua Crigger

Hey Larry,

As I see in the few other threads on this topic that browser compatibility with audio types has tripped people up I thought I would proactively bring this to your attention. 

Here is the compatibility of some common browsers:
• .MP3 for Chrome, Safari, IE9 and above
• .OGG for Firefox
• .WAV for Opera

In this thread here, Kevin Thorn provided an updated script to ensure compatibility for all major browser. Here is that script: 

<audio id="control-volume" preload "auto" autoplay loop autobuffer>
<source src="yourmusic.mp3" />
<source src="yourmusic.ogg" />
<source src="yourmusic.wav />

I had also found this article very helpful as it provides two examples which allow for multiple tracks to be played: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/background-music-demo

Have fun building!