Music timeline issue

Oct 27, 2016

Hi all,

I've created layers so that learners can read content but not all at once. I've included a music track so they may listen while they read. I don't know how long it will take different users to finish so I want the music to play for some time, and have enabled the NEXT button to function when they have visited all of the tabs, or layers. But, just as with voice-overs, the slide won't advance until the music ends on the timeline. I can't get the NEXT button to advance even after they visit all the layers and the button appears as enabled because the music is still playing. Is there a way to allow this? I think I've done the triggers all correctly. Thanks!

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Glenn Drysdale

Thanks for the reply. No, the setting is on FREE.

It acts the same as for a voice-over, so it won't let me shorten the timeline because that music is pretty long. There is no way to estimate how long various learners might need to read the content, so this is my way of honoring adult them the time needed but not making them stay on the slide for longer than they need. I may have to just delete the music, but it is a long slide, relatively speaking! I can shorten the music, but then it might not be long enough.

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