Must hover over all markers on a page to enable Next button

May 12, 2017

I am using markers and their text boxes, in the hover mode. I want learners to view every marker before the Next button is enabled. I have tried setting the marker state to visited and selected (the other built in states do not seem to apply), then set the trigger to jump to the next slide if Marker X, Y, Z are visited or selected, but the Next button does not enable. Assistance?

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Walt Hamilton

Create a T/F variable for each marker, with an initial value of False.

Create two triggers for each marker. #1When a marker is hovered over, set its variable to true. #2 When a marker is hovered over, set Next to enabled if all variables are true.

The really great thing about object specific triggers it that you can create one, copy it, select another object and paste. The ones that change the variable, you will have to edit to change the variable, the others just paste and they should be good to go.

See the attached sample.

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