Muted Video also mute the narration on HTML5 version

Oct 26, 2016

Hi all,

I have a project that I want to use video as a background (it will be muted), and I have a different narration for that slide. In flash version, the narration is fine. We can hear the narration, but in HTML5 version the narration doesn't play at all. Only the video is playing.

I already tried trigger media, but it doesn't help at all.

Flash Output: 

HTML5 Output: 

Does anyone have any suggestion?



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Dave Cox

I would recommend that you encode your video and audio into the same mp4 file, so your video and audio are combined. I can't access your links, but I looked at your story file and I guessing that the blank audio channel in your video is preventing your separate audio track form playing. I've also found that when the timing between the video and audio has to match, the only way to do it is to combine both. I would pull this into video editing software and combine everything to one file.

Crystal Horn

Virak, we do have this issue logged with our QA team; When a video is muted, the audio will not play in the HTML5 output.  I'll be sure to add in your example.  Thanks for sharing that. 

The workaround at this point is to reduce the volume of the video to very low in Storyline's video editor (using the percentage slider until it is imperceptible) instead of muting it completely.  Or, if available to you, you could use a video editor to remove the audio track from your video file.

Virak Yang

Thank Dave, but unfortunately, we don't have a video editing software to do that. Thank Crystal for your suggestion.

Here is my workaround: 

I didn't mute the video, but dragged the volume in video editor to -100% and then use trigger to play narration audio at the start of timeline. If I don't use trigger then it won't work. The audio would delay and play so late.



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