Muting a slide on 2nd visit

Sure this simple answer is here somehere, but couldn't find it..

Base slide that you go out from and return to.

I wish to mute the audio after clicking any hotspot ont he slide (Tried Pause of Stop Media). 

But  when coming back to the slide, te sudio resumes from where it was stopped/paused.

In the past I just duplicated the base slide.
But if I wish not to do that - how can this be defined?


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Efrat Maor

Hi Dennis,

You suggestion would mean that the tomeline needs to be completed.
Which to my estimation is likely not to happen (that the learner might start cliking on the process steps before all of the opening audio will finish). 

What I did is and worked is:
1. Moved the audio to a layer on the slide. 
2. Defne a triger to show the layer with the audio  - when timeline starts.
3. Added a condition (to the trigger on 2.), that the variable shoule be False (which is the variable defualt).
4. And added triggers for each of the hotspots, so when they are clicked, they change the variable value to True.  
And keep the "When revisiting" value to automatically.

Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall said:

Hi Efrat:

Create a variable and assign it to the slide in your story.

Next, create a trigger for your audio and make the trigger like the one in this image.

If this helps, please mark it as solved.

If you need a sample story, I can provide that in a few hours.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

My solution was based on a variable called Scene1Completed to be set to true. This could have been set via many different methods and does not require the slide timeline to be completed.

Anyhow, glad you found your solution.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall