Muting course audio

Oct 20, 2020

Hi all ,

I am currently updating a course for a client.  The course builder created some java script in order to mute and unmute the audio, although this does not appear to be working.  I am afraid that I am no good with java script so wondered if anyone is able to offer any assistance?

The script is:

var appState = require("helpers/appState");

Is there anything obviously wrong with this?

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Math Notermans

Not obviously. Basically 'require' depends on some functionality that seems removed from the bootstrap files Storyline360 uses. If you check your browser-console when you run this script, you notice these error messages...
"require is not defined - ds-bootstrap.min"

After some research i found that the require.js library is missing from Storyline360/Bootstrap. Thus calling require doesnot work anymore.

I tried to add Require.js myself to get it working again, but failed for now.

Kind regards,

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