Muting narration for course, while allowing video sound to play

I've got a course in which all of the slides have a narration for the text, and some slides that have videos with a soundtrack (narrated). Obviously, the sound for each slide can be turned on or off by the learner, as can the sound for each video.

Is there a way to allow the learner to opt out of narration for all of the course, while still having the video soundtracks play?

I'd like the soundtrack to be mandatory listening, but the narration optional.

Perhaps too much to ask, but I thought I'd put it out there. Any ideas?



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Steve Flowers

If you setup your narration to play in a layer, you can conditionally show or not show that layer based on a variable value. This makes synchronization a little tricky (graphics and animations on the base timeline would be challenging to sync with the audio) but it's possible to control specific audio tracks in this way.

Training Design

I had the same issue with my current project. The difference is there are two audios: First, the background music is embedded in the video, while, second, the narration (voice-over) is added and played separately in the timeline. I am looking to provide learners the option to mute/unmute the narration at any point of the video without sacrificing its synchronicity with the background music.

Based on my research, only JavaScript is the way to go, but I am unaware of exactly what codes to use and other prerequisites. Any JavaScript gurus out there who can help how to and whether there is a better audio setup to perfectly execute the outcome? I know nothing about JS but I am open to learning the basics!

Any help will be much appreciated.