Mutiple Triggers for One Click?

Jun 13, 2017

I have attached an image of a hotspot trigger. When the learner clicks the "Clock In/Out" button, it advances to the next slide. Clicking anywhere else triggers an "incorrect" popup.

What I want to do is to add an audio "beep" to the correct response (i.e. the learner hears the media and then it advances to the next slide.)

Any suggestions?

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Brian Cook

Ok, I think I FINALLY got it. Thank you Wendy for your help. I made a couple of adjustments. I wanted basically the whole screen to be selectable, but only the hotspot to be the correct selection. Initially, I was converting the slide into freeform and creating a hotspot, although I was not really grading anything. But when I did that, it would override the sound.

So... Instead of going freeform, I just created a second "incorrect" layer activated by the learner clicking anywhere else but the hotspot.

The other genius thing you did, Wendy was to halt the audio at first UNTIL the hotspot had been clicked.

Thank you so much for your help! Here is a copy. FYI, I did it in 360

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