Mutliple Flash video problem

Jun 27, 2012

Hi everyone - hope someone can help me out! 

I have multiple videos to insert into a storyline project.  All of the videos are pre-built and have you have the ability to view CC (Closed captioning), and use the scrub bar to move forward and backward in the videos.

When I insert all of the videos and publish, i only have the ability to see the CC and move forward and backward using the scurb bar in the first video in the presentation.  All of the other videos that follow play back; however, CC won't play and scrub bar won't respond. 

If i change the order of the videos, the same thing..whichever video is inserted first in the module will work with all of the functions (CC, FF, RW).

Anyone else have this issue???

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David Burton


After decompiling your inserted video, I can see there are several references made to _root, and global variables have been declared. In short, because these files use the same controls any attempt to load another video after an identical video controller (CC and seekbar), the timing or seek information becomes invalid. You might want to try loading as a web object to see if you can work around the _root references and variable conflicts between the videos you are using.

You might want to look at the following Articulate KB:: Flash movie best practices

I hope this helps!

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