Mutliple Yes/No with multiple feedback layers


I have one slide with with multiple Yes/No questions on. Every time you select a response a correct or incorrect layer appears with a small caption. I used radio buttons and triggers to display the feedback layers.

Is it possible to have the buttons stay selected for previous answers as they continue to answer the next questions? Right now only one radio button can stay selected at a time.

The other feature I'd ideally like is to have a check mark or an X appear so the user can see what previous answers were correct/incorrect.

I've included a screenshot of the slide. Perhaps someone has a suggestions for a better way to create this?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arran and welcome to Heroes! 

You'll want to set up each Yes/No as it's own button set so that way the user can only select Yes or no for each question. Also, if you'd like to showcase a checkmark or X next to those that they got correct or incorrect you could do so using states and use a trigger to change the state of a hidden object based on which layer they see. 

rehan arshad

Hi Arran, Select both Radio Buttons(say for patient one select both radio button yes and no) right click on the buttons and Choose Button set and select "New set" and name it 1(or any). Repeat it for all 1-8 patient's buttons. For the buttons to be in the previous state as user comes back. Right click in the mid of the slide select properties, Choose "When revisiting Resume saved state"

soumya jena

Hello everyone

I am trying to create an Yes/No interaction with a custom submit button. Note that the Yes/No buttons are also customized as per our Project requirements.

I am facing a problem in this - Once the user selects a button (say "Yes" button, he/she cannot deselect it. Thus, there is no option for the user to change his/her mind and select the "No" button. Is there a way to address this so that the user can get to select only one button at a time and if required, can deselect the button?

Also, the feedback should come at the end, after clicking the Submit button.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Satish,

I tested your file, and selected yes as the answer for each of the button sets/questions and saw the "correct feedback" layer - and then I selected at least one no and saw the "incorrect" layer. 

Everything seems to be working as expected in your .story file - so could you share a bit more information about what is not working for you?