My approach to setting a quiz

Hi everyone, I need to argue with someone regarding my approach to a quiz settings. It has a number of multichoice questions and I have set it in a way that you only have one chance of answering each question but can repeat the whole quiz again. The request is to change the settings so every question can be attempted unlimited number of times. Any ideas of how I can argue my case? Please! 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dmitri,

Hm, it's a tricky one. I would say maybe on the basis that allowing the user to go all the way through a course and answer each question once would allow you to provide some review material at the end of the assessment prior to the user taking the quiz again? Also, if you're using the method described here to "limit the quiz attempts" you could also capture that variable in regards to how many times they've had to take the quiz? 

Dmitri Fedoulov

Thanks for that. I will add your idea to my short  list of arguments. My original comment was that if someone could not answer a few question correctly thay should revise the whole module and try the quiz again, rather than guessing the right answer. I am keen to hear more so I can present them with options. Cheers!

Steve McAneney

Sorry Dimitry, but I support multiple quiz attempts unless the test is for some sort of certification.

By the time the user has completed a quiz 5 or 6 times they will know what the correct answer is, even if they guessed it!

Just make sure the quiz is reset after each attempt (storyline default) so they don't know what they answered last time.