My Articulate Hero saved the day! Recovery of files

Miker with Articulate Platinum Support chat shared that you can get to your temp files for Articulate by going to Windows Explorer and going to %temp%/articulate

 So when it had an issue with audio and crashed, I was able to recover the audio files from the temp folder rather than having to re-record!  Good option to check before re-creating if you have a crash!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kate,

That IS really cool. I'm geeky enough to have just tried it. I like that you can just type that phrase in and Windows Explorer brings you exactly to the right folder (I remember the old DOS days of needing to change directories etc. etc.)

But, I have a question: what do you do when you get there? I have a few dozen folders in that folder with names like:


Is this just to recover recorded audio? Can you recover stories?

After you got to the main temp folder, did you do a search, say, on *.mp3?

Kate Hoelscher

The files I was looking for ended up being named 'edited' and a .wav file.  Between the 'AudioEditor' and 'Storyline' folders, I was able to find all sorts of goodies I didn't think I could end up recovering, primarily in the 'AudioEditor' folder.  Sorting by date modified did help--if it crashes and you go right in there, check the most recent folders. 

It looks like it might be best for recorded audio and images--I don't see that you can recover entire stories.  Hmmm...feature request?  (or maybe that would take up way too much space on hard drives!)