My articulate projects - moving the default folder

Is there any way to move the location of the default folder?

My company automatically sets it up on a network drive, which is causing some weird behaviour with images.  The simplest solution is to have it on the local drive.

I know I can simply do a save as and create a local my articulate projects folder, but it would be convenient if i didn't have to remember that step each time i start a project.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Ari, and welcome to heroes!

The best way to work with the files is to work from your local drive. You could copy the file to your local drive before opening it, then continue to save to that destination until you have finished. Then save the file before moving it back to the network drive.

Gwen Paduch

I agree, this causes confusion. I have often saved to One Drive when I thought I was saving to my local drive. Then I end up with several versions of my project,. This often leads to opening the wrong file as well from the recent list in Storyline, thinking I'm opening from one place, and actually it isn't. I know I can use the methods above, however, that is not the best option for users. It's quite presumptive to determine that users want to work, by default, from the drive Articulate sets up, in my case One Drive, and not allow them to have control over this location, thereby forcing them to remember where they're saving/opening files from continually. I'd say, this is a definite fix for your next update. Offer this in the same say PowerPoint does, as a Save Option.