My courses do not publish anymore!

I have published many courses using Storyline. I've never had a problem until last week. Now, when I click Publish, the concluding dialogue box (Compress option, etc.) never appears. Instead, the Publish dialogue box re-appears. When I check the contents of the published file, it is incomplete. Only 5 files or folders are in there, rather than the requisite 17. I'm out of business until I can publish! Can someone please help me? I use Parallels, Windows 7. All versions are up-to-date.

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Mark Blessington

I just found some posts on problems with publishing Word documents. They recommended placing all files on the local drive. Since I use Parallels, I moved all my files to C: user, then tried to publish again. It worked. So, I conclude that Storyline does not like to publish beyond the Windows local C drive.