My First post on Storyline 2

Apr 17, 2015


This is my first upload onto e learning heroes, I have used the 30 day trial period to create this game. It is based on the UK TV game show Countdown. If you have not seen this before the aim of the game is to create the longest word possible in a 30 second time limit based on a combination of vowels and consonants that you select.

To randomly select letters I have used javascript to pick random numbers and I have then assigned different letters to these numbers. 

I also reduced the possibility of picking any Q's, X's and Z's  to make the game slightly easier.

All images in the presentation are made using basic shapes.

Creating the motion for the clock was a challenge. The animation Is made from a combination of a wheel animation to change the background colour of the clock as well as a spin animation for the second hand.


If you want to know any more about how I made it send me a message.


I am hoping to publish the numbers round as well as the conundrum once in the near future.


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David Anderson

This is really cool, Jordan. I published your file on our S3 server to make previewing easier for folks:

You have a lot of JavaScript going on in this project:-) Im sure our more advanced users will enjoy peeking at your file to learn more.

Thanks and welcome to Heroes!

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