My first Storyline Help with variable and triggers for text entry box

Feb 26, 2016


I am probably being a bit ambitious  on my first but I am testing Storyline 2, I usually use Captivate. 

I am wanting to create a software simulation where learners enter text into fields like they would do normally. But their entry needs to be correct and they need to get it correct before moving on. I cant seem to find a trigger/variable to do this. 

For information, I am not on a quiz slide, these are text entry boxes on a content slide - will this be an issue?

If so, can I create the same look that I have on every slide regardless of whether it is a content slide or a quiz slide.

I am having to present my practice to managers next week (argh!) any help would be great.


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Marcus Haddon

Thank Phil I think build myself is going to be the way to go. Because 90% of the pagers are going to need multiple entries. 

Thanks Wendy for the link. I have watched the video and it looks really useful. But I hit a bump straight away. The slide I have made with the text entry boxes, wont 'convert to a freeform' slide the option is grayed out. - Any thought?

Just to add - it grays out as soon as I enter a data entry box

Wendy Farmer

Hi Marcus

is the slide you are working on already a quiz slide? If so that may be the issue. The idea of freeform is to convert a non-quiz slide to a quiz slide.  So try selecting all the elements on your existing slide, copying them and then pasting onto a blank slide - then see if you can convert to freeform from there.


Marcus Haddon

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for our reply. I have just this second worked out why it was happening and it is a silly error on my part. I wasn't on the base layer. as soon as I selected the base layer it let me convert it.

Thanks for the help. I am sure I'll be back with many questions. We are in the process of reviewing the tools we use. And are contemplating moving from Captivate to Storyline.

Do you have any advise or experience with both?  

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