My Latest Puzzle Game - Space Command

Hi everyone, I posted this on the Building Better Courses forum but thought i would share it here too.

Here is my latest game written in SL360 based on the board game Mastermind.

This is the initial release, I know it can be polished up a bit better and there may still be the odd bug here or there floating around (and if you spot anything please let me know) 

To play the game click the link: 

To see a little more in-depth on how I developed it please see the attached document

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Phil Mayor

Looks great, I m not sure if it is working right. Is the white oval a shape in the right place and the red is a correct shape in the wrong place?

If it is I got 4 white on the third attempt but the rocket did not launch. On my second go I got 1 red and 3 white which doesn't make sense.

Or I am just completely wrong

Darren Heath

AHH I see you've answered your own question there Phil before I had chance to log back in.

Yes that's right. Red dot indicates a correctly placed colour and white indicates a correct colour but not in the right column.

Those were the colour indicators from my original board game version so stuck with that but I do agree that typically something in red indicates something is incorrect.