My logic is illogical

Feb 19, 2014

I am totally befuddled. I have 24 shapes. Each shape has a normal state and selected state. The learner has to select 5 of the 24 shapes. These are the correct selections. If they select the correct 5, they are taken to a "correct" layer, if they do not choose the correct shapes or if they select extra shapes and the correct shapes, they are taken to an incorrect layer. They are taken to the correct and incorrect layers upon hitting a submit button. For every correct shape they miss and every incorrect shape they choose, they are docked 5 points.

 I have tried using 2 button triggers. The first trigger would take them to the correct layer if the following conditions were met: All correct shapes were in the selected state and all incorrect shapes were in a normal state. The second trigger would take them to the incorrect layer if the following conditions were met: any correct shape was in a normal state or any incorrect shape was in a selected state.

Sounds like it should work, right? It doesn't. When I set it up this way it always goes to the incorrect layer.

I've tried just having a trigger for all the correct shapes in the selected state and a trigger for any of  the incorrect shapes in a selected state. This will work but... if you select the 5 correct shapes and additional incorrect shapes, it will show you are correct.

I uploaded the offending slide in hopes someone can figure out what is going on.

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