My new idea - sharing my style!

I can't keep it in any longer! I just get so excited when I get a new idea! 

Please take a look at my video below and let me know your honest thoughts. (This is for Articulate Storyline 360)

Long story short, I want to create slides for anyone else to use in their own projects, but keen to find out if this is something other people who use SL might be interested in or if I'm just wasting my time.

Please do feel free to share, I'm working so hard to bring my ideas to life but always struggle when it comes to telling the world! Thank you! :D

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Michael Anderson

The embedded video didn't play for me but I think this is it

I think this is a great idea and you can probably find some template sites to sell on. If you are designing the individual graphics yourself, consider selling those as svg files. I was looking around for a good svg of an antique clock the other day and the one I wanted was $500!!! I ended up making it myself. :)