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1. I am using Storyline 2 for a 30-day trial period for school. I created a small RLO and Published it. I also created a .zip file.

Now when I open up Storyline, I don't see my project listed there. What happened? I had published my half finished project a few weeks ago but was able to find it listed when I opened up Storyline after that.

I need to make some urgent changes and republish this project.

how can I find it in Storyline? I saved it by clicking the 'save' button.

2. I am trying to create a link of that same project in Wix (my eportfolio). Wix won't accept .zip files. So I uploaded it in Google docs (after changing the name of the file from story.html to index.html. I tested it - it worked.

This morning I get a 404 error. So I unlink it, go back and repeat the procedure and link it again - it works again, many times; this evening I get a 404 error again!

Anyone know how i can upload my Storyline project to Wix? After I find it, that is!

please help.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Monica,

Storyline does not have an auto save functionality, so if you hadn't saved it prior to publishing it wouldn't be accessible in Storyline. It does have an auto recover functionality which will bring up a copy of your project if Storyline crashes or suddenly stops working.  You'd need to have it enabled which is described here. 

Walt Hamilton

no, and yes.

No, you can't take the published version apart again and reconstitute it. Publishing is like baking a cake; once it is in the oven, you can't take out the individual ingredients.

Yes, you are making sense, and yes, you should at least still have the unfinished parts that you saved as you were working.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Walt, this may be my favorite line of the week - "Publishing is like baking a cake; once it is in the oven, you can't take out the individual ingredients." 

Monica, if you had saved the .story file you may want to look in the location that Ravindra mentioned, and it could also be stored in your temp files which is described in this article (this is how to delete them, but may help you find them to save as well). 

Feel free to let us know if you need anything else. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Monica,

I'm sorry to hear that - but there isn't much help I can offer in terms of your specific system and where files have gone. You could try searching the system based on the file name of the .story file? Hopefully other users who operate as their own IT team will have some additional ideas to share with you here.