my quiz doesn't calculate the count ...

Hi all,

Quizing seems to be one of my "Achilles' heels" in SL. I built a few quizes last year and to make my life easier I usually just copy new questions in an old quiz. I know, this can be tricky as sometimes my variables (e.g. %Results.ScorePercent%%  or %Results.PassPercent%% ) get deleted. But usually I manage to copy/paste and get the score and result slide correct. With the attached quiz I got now a trouble, which I cannot explain. I have scrutinized all triggers and the result slide but I don't find the bug.

Problem 1: After having answerd to the 6 questions in the quiz, the result score Percent on 1.8 Result Slide stays at 0%.  Somehow the calculation of the question scores does not work but I can't figure out why. Any idea?

Problem 2: You'll see, that the quiz has currently 2 result slides. I meant to delete one of them but if I do so, it deletes all variables ob the remaining result slide too. Why are variables deleted in such cases? And how can I fix that in the attached project?

I would also appreciate your hints on what would be the best way to handle quiz creation.

Thank you in advance for your expertise and best regards

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Roland

reusing Result slides has never worked for me.  When I view your file, and check the variables list to see which result variables it's using there are none listed - that is why nothing is displaying on the result slide. When you insert a Result slide 4 system variables will be automatically created and these are missing from your file.

Roland Straub

Hi Wendy

Thx heaps for your quick reply and nice reading from you after quite a while :-)

I understand that I better always create a new result slide. I can do it but it's a bit annoying since I'll have to redo a couple of special triggers - like the "Quiz wiederholen" - each time from scratch. I'll deal as it's just a minute or so.

Could I ask a following question? I have just added a new result slide but the slide has been added in English, even though the whole project is in German, the Player language set to German. How can I make sure to get a new result slide in the language of the project?

Thx in advance and best regards

Roland Straub

Hi Leslie

I don't understand? I'am developing in German and there is no need for "export for translation".

All I would expect is, that when I am in a German project, where I have German as Player language and I insert a Result Slide, that the inserted slide is in German too.

Why should I each time have to translate first from English into my source language German? And it's not just a couple of fields. I'd have to adjust the Success and Fail Layer each time too.

In my case I speak English and would even be able to translate. But a colleague who's supposed to help me in the future, does not speak English at all. Do you see my point?

Thx for your help and best regards

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Roland,

Are you using the English version of the software or the German version?

If you are developing the project in the German version, the Results Slide is in German as you can see here:

If you are using the English version, then the Result Slide will be added in English. Hopefully, that tip helps you and your colleague :)

Here's a demo of me switching back to English so you can get the idea :)

Preferences > Select Language > Save > Quit the Desktop App completely

When you re-start it should be in the language you've chosen.