My story is appearing differently once it is published

I'm using Articulate Storyline 360 and have upgraded a course from an original Storyline 2 file. Each slide has a heading in a navy text box and when I publish the course, both for review and LMS, the navy backgrounds are disappearing.

I tried to fix this by making the navy part of the slide master layout and it is reacting slightly different in publish in that the navy appears and then if you go back to the slide it disappears. I'm wondering if anyone can help me fix this issue! It is very annoying because I have just rebuilt this course again after it broke so much that I couldn't use it without the program crashing and am due to launch it in 3 days!

It is available here:


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Rachel

hard to say what's happening without seeing your source file.  There aren't any exit animations on the object or triggers that may be causing it or perhaps the text box is not set on the timeline to show always?

Which browser are you viewing in and are you able to share the .story file so we can take a look for you?

Rachel Lange

Definitely happy to share the source file. I am using Google Chrome.

The problem is also happening when I publish as a SCORM file and upload to our LMS, Canvas.

I have just tested in Articulate Review in Firefox and I can't recreate the issue..

Thank you so much for taking a look!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Rachel

I published it to Scormcloud and tested there in both IE and Chrome as you had already tested in FF.  In IE it appears fine but I see the same behaviour as you when launched in Chrome - the blue rectangle behind the text is missing but the text remains.  

What I did notice when I selected the Text box and right click > format shape - the fill of the text box is set to slide background and not to a colour fill - not sure if this is the issue but you might want to try changing that to a solid fill of the blue colour.


Sorry I couldn't be more help.


Crystal Horn

Hi Rachel.  I see this behavior happening in the HTML5 output in Chrome, but not in Safari or in the Flash output with Chrome.  In the Flash output, the slide background color is filling the text box in "What is Copyright?", but the HTML5 appears as though the image behind the text box is what is filling it.

I'll do a little digging and see what I can find out.  I would at least expect it to be consistent across browsers.  Thanks for bringing this behavior up!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rachel!

Can you take a look at my link here and let me know if you still experience an issue?

I noticed a difference in those master slides with the format:

I changed those boxes from 'slide background fill' to Solid Fill and cannot make the issue happen again, but would like you to take a look to confirm.