My timeline keeps getting away from me.

I usually voice my narration before starting to populate the slide.  I assume that the end of the narration will create an end point for the timeline.  It does not.  Somehow the timeline always ends up escaping and I have to waste time dragging everything back.  I'm getting carpal tunnel and trigger finger from how much time I'm spending hauling it back.  I don't know what's causing the timeline to jump like that.  Is it something I'm doing or not doing?  This has been a persistent problem for me since I started using Storyline several years ago.  I am now using Storyline 360.  Is there some resolution for this problem?

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Matthew Bibby
Mary Field

I'm getting carpal tunnel and trigger finger from how much time I'm spending hauling it back.

Please be careful with this Mary. I hurt my wrist around 15 years ago developing in Captivate. It still gives me trouble today. If you hand is getting sore from repeat motions, please take a break!

And this isn't something you are doing wrong, it's a bug in Storyline. I've seen a couple of people mention it now.

Mary Field

Thanks for showing concern for my aging and aching appendages. As an almost
octogenarian I've learned to recognize my limitations. I've switched to
using my right hand on the mouse (I'm left-handed), I've changed the primary
clicker so I'm using my middle finger instead of my forefinger and I've
ordered a larger mouse so my palm isn't so cramped. AND I'm limiting myself
to how many slides I populate, animate, complete in a day.

All the same it would be a good thing if somehow they could address this

Again, thanks for the concern.

Matthew Bibby

No worries Mary, our health matters.

After much trial and error, I've found that using a vertical mouse is best for me as it encourages my hand into a more natural position. I use the VerticalMouse D by Evoluent.

I also have a trackpad that sits on the left of my keyboard and I use this with my left hand when scrolling, zooming and other gesture-based movements. 

The whole setup looks like this:

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Mary. Thanks for raising this!

I see you're getting great guidance from Matthew, and I agree: This isn't your fault, and I'd love to help find a solution that's sustainable. Health is wealth.

Does this quick video capture your experience in Storyline 360? If not, could you share a sample slide or a recording of what happens to the timeline after your narration so I could replicate the experience?

Looking forward to troubleshooting!