Mystery Triggers

Sep 07, 2021

Hi All -

For all you Storyline super sleuths - Never seen this issue before…

If I create a new Pick One slide, the new slide has Feedback By Question turned on by default. No problem...

If I then duplicate the Pick One slide multiple times, no problem. 

If I change feedback  to None, and THEN start duplicating the Pick One slide,  Storyline adds a mystery Advance When Timeline Starts trigger to the slide. I say Mystery because:

a) there is no reason for it to add the trigger and

b) the trigger does not show up in the Triggers panel or anywhere else that I can find.  EXCEPT you can see it as a connecting arrow in the slide thumbnails when you hover over the slides (see image 1 attached).

The result is that the quiz crashes as Storyline is trying to auto advance at the start of each slide, so it all happens in an instance. Because the triggers are not visible anywhere, I can't simply remove them (never mind that they shouldn't even be there in the first place).

To add fuel to the fire... with each slide duplication, Storyline copies over the existing bad trigger, plus adds a new bad trigger, so by the time we get to 25 Pick One slides there are 25 bad triggers on the last slide (visible only as arrows in the slide thumbnails).

 FWIW - All slides are set to Advance by User (see image 2)… Checked Master Slides et cetera…

Thoughts anyone?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chris,

You have excellent investigation and observation skills!

What version of Storyline are you currently using? We did have an issue that we corrected in Build 3.54.25674.0:

Fixed: When duplicating question slides or importing them from a template, a hidden trigger could get added to the slides, causing them to be skipped in the published output.

Chris Cole

Yes - I have been removing them in that manner.. just when you get up to about Q12 and higher (up to 25) it's a lot of right-clicking. Storyline added still another link / arrow each time the slide was duplicated, so Slide 25 has 25 red arrows for example.  But getting there.

I tried moving the slides out to a new scene, importing to a new SL file, but no short cuts helped.