NaN% showing for the %Results.ScorePercent%

Hi, I am trying to setup a course to use a pretest and a post test. I am using the same question bank for both tests and just changing the display on the results slide for the different test criteria (%Results.PassPercent%). Pretest requires 90% to pass and Post Test 80% to pass. However I am receiving a NaN% for the %Results.ScorePercent% variable when I fail the pretest and either pass or fail the post test.

Here are the different scenarios:

Working - Post test Pass
Working - Post test Fail (before results slide)
Working - Pretest Pass
Not working - Pretest Fail (using results slide) and Post Test fail

Not working - Pretest Fail (using results slide) and Post Test Pass

I added the  %Results.ScorePercent% to all question slides to track the score and it displays correctly on all except the results slide

I have attached the storyline file. Any help on how to make this work would be greatly appreciated.


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Katie Riggio

Hello, Russell. So sorry you've come across the NaN% text!

I saw that you're working with my teammate, Christopher, in a support case – great move! He's carefully analyzing your setup to nail down the culprit.

You're in good hands, and look out for his follow-up email shortly on next steps to take. I'll also follow along!

Adam Zamczyk

Hi Russel,

I think I fixed the result slide and now it is showing the score (not the NaN%) when doing the quiz as a pretest or as the final.

I removed a few triggers for the Incorrect feedback layers in the quiz (jump to result if...) and few triggers on the slide 2.1 when the user decides about taking the pre-quiz or the whole course.

I also rebuild the result slide to show the build in success/failure layers - and the failure will show additional layers (pre test failed, final test failed) when conditions are met.

I'm pretty sure you cant have 2 different conditions to pass the quiz, so in the file attached it is set to 80%.

I hope that helps and at least makes the course closer to what you would like to achieve.

Adam Zamczyk

I could not attcche the file her so please find a link to Gdrive