Narration script per layer?


I use the 'Notes' section to enter the transcript of the narration. I use the default player, so the transcript is visible as a tab on the left.

There is a problem with question slides. The transcript for the feedback comes in the same 'notes' section as the transcript for the question itself. This way the learner can already read the feedback even before he has answered the question. 

The same problem arises with a slide with different layers. The narration script for the different layers is visible even when the learner hasn't seen the layer yet.

How do you work around that? 

Thank you,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christophe,

You can edit what appears in the notes of each individual slide. From Story view you'll double click on the slide you'd like to edit, and at the bottom of that slide click on the "Notes" tab. You'll then be able to update the language that is in there and remove anything you don't want the user to see. The notes section applies to all sections within that slide, including any layers. 

Directions on editing the notes are available here. 

Christophe Breemersch

Hi Ashley,

I can delete the text from the notes, I know, but that's not a solution.

I need the text to be in the notes for two reasons:

1. Show the narration script to the learners who aren't native speakers

2. The course will be translated into 10 languages. The text in the notes is the narration transcript and we need it to be complete so we can send it to the translators and the voice-over actors.

I was just wandering how other people dealt with this problem and if Articulate is thinking about the possibility to link notes to a layer as well as to the complete slide?

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Hi Christophe

i have upload source and output file for accept  multiple languages transcript . But it doesn't  run in ipade  mobile player because we use java script code  .in this module first you will select your language like English or french and select transcript button .


Hi Christophe

i have upload source and output file for accept  multiple languages transcript . But it doesn't  run in ipade  mobile player because we use java script code  .in this module first you will select your language like English or french and select transcript button .

Harri C

As Phil says, this isn't currently possible.

However, there are a couple of ways around this issue:

1- duplicate the slide and put the feedback text in the notes. You then end up using slide 1 to set the question and slide 2 to show the results (a bit messy, I know)

2- add onscreen notes in a scrolling text box

Hope this helps

Kyle Jubenville

I submitted a request for this as I can see it is still not implemented.  Or am I missing something?  I have around 12 layers in a slide, and also use the notes tab for my transcript.  It is getting very cumbersome with so much text and scrolling.  I am correct that we are still not able to manage text per layer?

Thank you


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Kyle,

Thanks for adding your voice! It's really helpful for us to know how in-demand a feature is. If you’re wondering what happens when you submit a feature request, here’s our process.

For now, notes are set up on a per-slide basis, so you'll see the same notes text for all layers on a slide. Have you considered using markers for your transcript instead? That would allow you to break up the transcript layer by layer. 

Kyle Jubenville

Yes, I believe the ask is that the transcript section have the ability to be separated by layers within the base slide.  Even if we were able to name the individual layers and have those named layers correspond with sections in the transcript.  Perhaps it could be expanded to reveal the transcript for the speech on that particular slide by the learner, or have it automatically expand/reveal the script when that layer is active.


As a side comment, I have seen much greater performance avoiding building slides with a million layers and just having a million slides.  Gives me more flexibility and is, albeit, slightly more complicated but being able to separate with scenes as well has worked.  I also REALLY love the closed caption option over the transcript now. Building closed captioning for a slide is very simple and intuitive for me.  Just my two cents.

Tammy Tucker

Hi Ashley,

Correct. Currently I have a four-part graphic and have added four layers to reveal individually when each part of the graphic is clicked. The text to speech is specific to each layers content. I would like the learner to have the control to reveal each layer and read/listen to the content (including notes and text-to speech) at their own pace. However, due to the limits of text to speech and not being able to place on each layer (just the base layer) I currently have each layer set-up to reveal on the timeline when the corresponding verbiage is said on the timeline. For some learners, this is going to rush them through the content. So, for now I have added additional triggers to allow them to go back and visit the layers again once the text-to-speech has completed.

I am very pleased with the addition of text-to-speech. This is a great feature and overcame a huge voiceover issue we were dealing with— to be able to edit on the fly and update content is wonderful, and the voices are not robotic. Much appreciated! However, it would be more elegant and efficient if this feature was added.

Thank you,

Tammy Tucker

Hi Alyssa,

Good solution and that worked. Thanks!

It’s a good solution for now even though it takes a bit of time to edit the audio. For future development, it would be more streamline to just add the text-to-speech to each notes page, in each individual layer, then you’re only editing written text rather than editing audio files.

Again, thanks for your help and a solution!


Training  Specialists

A;yssa, and all staff,

Has any progress been made on adding this feature?  I can see a lot of value in it

1. the close captioning would work on a layer by layer basis

2. It makes it easier for reviewing, particularly if you have a base slide with a dozen layers.

3. it makes creating, and editing audio and animation timings much easer.

I see this has been on the discussion board for years, it it even worth putting in another feature request?  I can't imagine it would be that difficult to implement.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ari.  We always recommend sending in a feature request if you can take the time to tell us how a change in the Storyline setup will improve your workflow.  I'll share your points with the team, and we'll be able to notify you if there are any changes to the way the Notes tab and slide layers communicate.

Thanks for reaching out!