Native navigation broken on video screens

Jul 19, 2018

I have a simple video screen on a course that is using Storyline 2 native navigation (back & next buttons) but the buttons don't work until the video is complete. 

I created triggers to disable the next button until media completes, and the next button does appear to become active - you can click it and animates - but the button doesn't navigate to the next slide despite native trigger being set. 

It's a long video and I don't want learners to have to watch it before they move on if they have already completed the course (or if our internal QA are testing the course). 

I have tried replacing the video file, adding & removing triggers and various other things. 

This appears to be a bug. Any help would be appreciated! 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Steve!  The next thing I would check are your Player Properties.  In the Menu settings (near the bottom of that article), you can set navigation to "restricted," which will force learners to wait until the timeline is complete before they can click Next.  If the video is inserted from a file, it will be synchronized to the timeline.  Change it to "free," and you should be all set!

Let me know if that's not it -- and feel free to share your .story file so we can have a closer look!

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