Native storyline functions and Html5 publishing?

I recently ran into an issue with a drag and drop exercise I created in storyline and published in Html5.  It works fine on both an iphone and iPad, including in the articulate app.  However, the objects are not draggable on a Motorola zoom or the other android phone I tested.

Is there a list of which functions work and don’t work in HTML5?  And is there a list of those that work on some devices but not others?


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Brian Batt

Hi Gordon,

The following article compares the Storyline features that are supported in the Flash Player, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad:

Keep in mind that not all browsers implement the HTML5 spec as well as others.  Thus, Storyline content published in HTML5 are currently supported in Chrome 14 or later & Safari 5.1 or later (including iPhone and iPad via the Safari browser).  I believe that the Motorola Xoom is an Android 3.2 device.  Its HTML5 support is still low compared to the supported browsers: