Navigate between SCOs in a mutli-SCO package

Hello community,

I've been looking for explanations on how to set up navigation between SCOs in a multi-SCO package (scorm 2004, 3rd edition) but I can't find anything that is helping me (or at least explanations that I can understand...). 

So here's the context :

  • I have two courses, so 2 .story files, and another .story file for the menu.
  • The idea is that when the learner launch the "course" from the LMS, he arrives on the menu page. From there, he can access Course 1 and Course 2 (but only if Course 1 is completed).
  • At the end of each course, there is a button that must send the learner back to the menu page.
  • On the menu page, there will be a check next to each course name that changes from grey to green when a course is completed. (For course 1, the completion is based on the number of slides viewed and for course 2, the learner must obtain at least 80% of success to the final quiz.)

I have two problems :

  1. setting up a working navigation
  2. retrieving the status of each module to change the state of the check on the menu page

I'm sure this is not something difficult to implement. I know I need Javascript to make this work but I can't find the proper code. This is driving me crazy!

Please anybody can point me in the right direction ?

Thank you so much!

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