Navigating back from a common help scene

Sep 10, 2020

Hi all

I am creating a help scene (of 5 slides) which users can jump to on demand - from anywhere in the course (of multiple scenes). The help trigger (jump to scene) is present on all content slides in the course. I am thinking of it like calling a library function scene.

Jumping to the scene is simple but: Does any one have any ideas how to navigate back to the original departure slide?

The only fix I can think of is replicating the help scene in each content scene BUT as I think about it, the help scene would need to be replicated for each trigger instance (nearly every slide).

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Walt Hamilton

Actually, what you are proposing probably won't work. If the last help slide jumps to the first help slide, that makes it the previous slide for the first slide.

I see two options.

1. Create a variable. When the help button is clicked, set the variable to the name of the current slide. On the last help slide, when the return button is clicked, have a trigger for each slide in the module - Jump to slide six if the variable equals six.

2. Do as Wendy suggested - put the help information on one slide with five layers, lightbox it when help is clicked, and close it to return.  

Even then, you might have to put a copy of it in each scene.

Michael OConnor

Thank you Wendy and Walt. I think I have painted myself into a corner with the client review coming soon.

I did have a light box, but didn't like the offset of the lightbox to the underlying layer - looked "off". I will investigate the lightbox again though, because it does seem the better solution.

The long way around is layering. And for 5 layers or so, on top of the layers I already have, for all slides (about 90) the size is blown out.

Thank you for you suggestions!

Ryan Crockett

Hi Michael.

I've attached a file that shows how to do this using layers on a Master Slide. Each of the help layers will need to completely cover the entire stage so you do not need to hide layers or base layer elements in the base slide, which preserves the state the base slide was in when you clicked the help button. I added multiple triggers on each help layer to close all of the help layers when the close button is clicked.

On the first slide, I added a button to show a layer to demonstrate the master slide help layer will display on top of the slide layer and preserve the base slide state when it is opened/closed. 

Hope this helps. 

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