Navigating through Storyline quiz review

Good morning dear heroes.

I have a problem with the review function:
If my users want to review their quiz, I want the "Right" / "Wrong" layer I set up to be automatically displayed. Currently only the base layer is shown. Since I don't use a player, my user can't continue from there (when he has answered an answer correctly).

Can anyone help me?
It is NOT about the bar that appears automatically when reviewing a quiz, I know there quite some answers about this topic in the forum.


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Mark Spermon

Hi you must add a trigger on the page with a condition to show the layer when a variable is true (for instance QuizReview).

On the resultslide you will set your variable to True when a user will review a quiz he can see your right/wrong layers.

On these layers you can add buttons with a trigger to navigate to the next slide.

Hop this helps.