Navigation issue: Jump to Previous Scene not working

Hi everybody! I have a Storyline 2 project that has multiple scenes. From a main scene, I jump to auxiliary scenes and back.

The problem is the button I'm using to go back to the main scene uses a Jump to Scene/Previous Scene trigger, and it only works the first time. After jumping to any scene using Jump to Scene/SceneName and going back to the main scene, any other jump to another scene gets me stuck there.

Jump to Scene/Main Scene doesn’t work because it returns to the first slide of the scene. I need it to return to the slide that made the call.  Jump to Scene/Previous Scene does that, but only the first time :(

I'm attaching a sample file with a main scene and two auxiliary scenes to test.

Any idea of what's wrong? Thanks!

UPDATE: it seems that it doesn't work when you return for the first time, and from that same slide, you jump to another scene.
If after returning, you navigate to another slide within the same scene, and then jump to another scene, the Jump to Scene/Previous Scene does work.
It seems like after returning, it doesn't register the scene change unless you navigate to another slide.


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Mr C

Hi Harley

A quick fix would be to change the action of the Back to Main button from:

Jump to previous scene


Jump to 1Main scene

I try to avoid jump to next / previous slides/scenes and select the actual slide you need.

I find this reduces some of those nasty navigation issues and easier if you need to change the slides around

Hope this helps


Harley O'Brien

Thank for your reply Mr. C! But that wouldn't work because it returns to the 1st slide of the scene, no matter which one was slide that called the auxiliary scene.

I updated the sample file to reflect the fact that the main scene can have multiple slides that may call auxiliary scenes. Jump to Previous Scene take you right back to the prev scene, to the slide that called the aux scene. But it only works for the first time. After that it just ignores the call :(


Harley O'Brien

Thanks Mr C!

I also considered a similar solution, but in this case it wouldn't work :(

My scenarios have a few tens of slides, so keeping track of the calling slide would be complicated, as well as keeping track of all the return button in all the auxiliary slides.

It looks like we are facing a bug. Do you know if it's possible to contact an Articulate Staff member to confirm it?

Thank you very much for your help!