Navigating to the Quiz in a Storyline Course

I built a Storyline course and imported a Quizmaker quiz at the end.  It is in its own scene and it just inserted each question as an individual slide.  I removed those quiz slides from the menu so they couldn’t be individually clicked.  The problem I am having is that the course won’t let the user enter the first quiz slide until the audio file on the last course page plays to the entire end.  I can’t find a setting within Storyline to fix this. Any ideas?

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Diana Scott

Okay so I made that change and it worked!  Yay!  But I have another issue that I have just recognized.  The only way I can get to the quiz is if I am on that last course page and click Next. I am unable to just click the link for the quiz in the menu to hop to that page.  It won't let me.  Is that because I have the quiz in a different scene?

Nancy Woinoski

Diana Scott said:

I have the player trigger set to jump to the next slide when the user clicks the next button.  So it sounds like I need to change that to the name of the first quiz slide in the next scene, right?

Hi Diana - you are correct. You need to change it to the name of the first quiz slide in the next scene.

Nancy Woinoski

If the quiz is listed in the menu, you should be able to click it in the menu unless you have the menu navigation locked (but this would apply to all menu items not just the quiz.)

 In your first post you said you removed the quiz slides from the menu so that they could not be individually clicked - So my thinking is that the actual quiz slide is not in the menu and that you probably just have the scene name listed.

The scene name just acts as a title and is not clickable so you need to have a slide associated with it - go back into the player settings and edit the menu to make sure the actual quiz slide is listed and not just the scene name.