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Sep 06, 2016


I know that a few years back there was a post regarding the vertical scrolling capability of Storyline. I would really like my learners to navigate through a project, by navigating up and down through the slides. Is there a way to do this? I understand this wasn't a possibility a few years back. I have added a transition, but of course the push (cover from bottom) only works if the learner is scrolling down, this won't work if they want to go back to a previous slide. I have made custom arrow buttons and the top and bottom of my slides. Could anyone offer any thoughts/ideas on what I could do to make this work please?


Thank you!

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Garry Osmundsen-Little

Hi Chris

It's complex - I have interactions on most of the slides, I have attached an example for you to see here. Would you happen to have an idea on how I might achieve a deep scrolling effect? I wanted to try and implement something similar to how you use most websites - scrolling down through the content, and back up again.


Thanks for your help both

Chris Cole

Hi Tamsin.

The only thought I had was using path animations on the objects instead of transitions on the slides, but that would only be feasible if you used a very simple layout with just a few objects on a slide. Your slides are obviously more complex than that.

Sorry, I don't have any other ideas. You might have to take comfort in the thought that those scrolling pages on web sites are probably just a current fad that will go away at some point. :)  Used to be that websites all had scroll bars in the early days, then someone decided that it was too much work for the user to have to scroll through a web page and scroll bars became evil. Now someone has decided its easier for the user to scroll up and down a website rather than going to different pages, so scrolling is back in again. It's like bell bottom jeans. :)

Sorry I couldn't help.


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