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Annie Jean

Okay... that could be done with a variable.

Probably Steve or Phil could come in and bring new ideas to it, but here is mine:

Create a True/False variable set to "False" by default.

Trigger - When the timeline of the Menu slide starts, adjust variable to "True"

Trigger - When the timeline of the Menu slide starts, stop media "name of the audio file" IF variable is Equal to "True"

Make sure that the triggers are in that specific order.

You should hear the audio file the first time you come to the menu only.

Hope it helps and don't hesitate to post back.


Annie Jean

Phil Mayor said:

Add the audio on a layer, set a true false variable, show the layer only when the variable is false, set it to true when media ends, this way the layer only shows when the audio has not completed

Hi Phil,

Happy you come in this discussion. From what I understand, David doesn't want the audio to resume if it wasn't finished the first time around. If I understood well, the variable could be adjusted when the audio layer starts... right?!?