Hi Everyone

I am currently building my eLearning course using storyline articulate, and whenever I preview the course and I click the previous button, it does not seem to talk. In other words, once I have passed any given slide and I go backwards to review that slide the audio does not play. It only plays if I did not wait for the audio to finish playing before clicking on the next button and it only begins playing from exactly were I left off. How do i rectify this. Also i am trying to include a stop button and a pause button as well how do I do this.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Rose -- Thanks for your follow up question, and I would like to defer to the community for suggestions on ways for you to achieve what you are hoping to do. With respects to your mention of Closed Captioning, I think you may find this thread by Hero Steve Flowers to be useful, and also this blog on How to Create Free Closed Captioning Text for E-Learning. Hope that helps! :)