Navigation buttons and Hotspot questions

Nov 02, 2015

Hey, I did a search for this problem but have not come up with the solution. I have some hotspot questions set up in my project, that works and is fine; I copied the template from my team lead so it might be a custom built question. Anyway, the NEXT and PREV. navigation buttons are not available on the stage so if the user wishes to skip the question they cannot. I wonder if there is an easy fix to this, I saw on someone else's thread that there is a menu for questions where you can select those  nav. buttons but I cannot find it! 


Thanks in advance.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Amanda

if you want to add the player Next and Prev button, on the quiz slide select the slide properties in the bottom right corner - here you can select/deselect what should be appearing.  This doesn't cover custom nav buttons though.

This tutorial may help you

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