Navigation buttons in the master page

Hi, I have created a template and have navigation buttons included in the master slides. Now for each of the button I have a mouse hover state and the button is appeared with a text on top of the button in mouse house state while only the button appear in normal state. When I reuse this master slide layout to create any of the slide and have images on the slide, the roll over text goes behind the images used in the slide.

On the other hand, when I create the buttons in the slide directly (not doing it in master slide) and I keep the navigation buttons in the top order and the images used in the slide in bottom order, the images goes backward and so I am able to see the mousehover state of nagivation button clearly.

Is there an option to fix this in master slide?

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Jessica Calvin


If you add the buttons to a slide layer on the Master slide and set the trigger to show layer when timeline begins, is there a way to make the buttons appear when revisiting? For example, I have placed a pause/play button on a layer in the slide master so every slide has a pause/play button. 

Then, multiple slides through out the presentation have the option to click on an image, which goes to another layer within that slide, which pauses the base layer. When the layer is exited (Hidden) the pause buttons are no longer on the main slide when the timeline resumes. 

Any suggestions?