Navigation in Master Layer


is it possible to create a navigation layer in the master slide view that controls all slides? Something like a custom menu that's visible all the time?

I tried to do so, but at the moment I'm stuck.

I added a new layer in the slide master view to the blank slide. but this layer doesn't show up, when I insert a new layer.

Any ideas?


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Johanna Stix

Hi David,

thanks for this thread. Although it's very cool, in my case it won't help much.

I have movies on my slides. The navigation hotspots should be above these movies, because the menu is shown in it.

When using the navigation in the slide master, it would be beyond the movie.

That's why i hoped it's possible to add the navigation to a layer in the master slides, that's shown every time.

But I think I got it:

to add a layer style I need to add a style at the Feedback master.

on the slide, I've added a new layer with that style and a trigger to the slide: when timeline starts show layer.

I'm testing this idea now for getting a central navigation.