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Hi, I have created a course which coes not use the built in navigation - I've made my own buttons as part of each slide. I have used a final assessment, which I want the user to be able to review. I have removed my buttons from the assessment as I want the users to complete each question, But when they review the quiz, they are not able to move through it as there are no buttons. Is there any way to identify wether a question slide is being viewed as a review, or as a live question, so that I can put a trigger in to activate the navigation buttons?

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Becky Evens

Don't worry, I've fixed it! I set a trigger on the review quiz button that altered a true/false variable, set my buttons to be initially hidden, and a trigger on each question to change their state to normal if the variable was true.

The trigger only worked when I moved it above the one to review the quiz though, which is odd, because the other variable I added to reset the page numbering worked even when it was below the review quiz variable.

Becky Evens

Hi again.... I have another problem with this quiz - the question numbering works by adding 1 to a variable each time a question is presented. The questions are drawn from a bank in a different order each time. The page number is set to 0 at the start of the quiz, and the number is diplayed as "Question %QuizNumbering% of 10" at the top of each page.

It appears to work beautifully, and I even put a '-2' on the variable if the back button is clicked during the review so the nubering stays right.

However... every not and then, it skips a number, so I am frequently ending the quiz on 'question 11 of 10'. It's really annoying, and I don't know why its doing it! I've tried doing it fast, and slow, and it makes no difference, it still does it!

I am testing it in preview mode - I haven't tried publishing it yet.

Any ideas?

Becky Evens

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I;ve looked at the thread you suggested, but they are moult discussing how to set the page numbering up, which I have done, pretty much as they suggest. One person has reported the same error as me, but there is no reply to this thread! They seem to have the same issue though - it happens randomly, and only when the person is retaking the test.

It doesnt happen every time, but seems to happen about 75% of the time. It is a different question each time, and its not the same question from the bank. I am baffled!

Becky Evens


The quiz questions are selected randomly, so there is no first question. All the questions in the bank are set to 'automatically decide' when revisiting. I didnt want to interfere with the review quiz function by setting them to reset in case it overwrote the users answers. The counter is set to 0 when the user clicks on either the review quiz or the retake quiz button. This seems to work fine. The miscounting seems to be random - it is a different question that goes wrong each time. For example, it will count normally up to 5, and then the next slide will be 7. Then the next time I retake it, it will jump from 4 to 6. It's like it's repeating the trigger twice and adding 2 to the counter instead of 1. But it only does it when you retake the test!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for sharing this - I've tested it every which way, and it definitely happens randomly. I got through a retake once without it jumping around but wasn't able to do that again. I have opened a Support case on your behalf so that our team can do more troubleshooting with your file, and I'll follow along with your case (# 00353540  for my reference) as well to update the thread.